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Kids Birthday Parties


We would love to host your group to celebrate your special day!


At The Glass Bar, we've worked for the past 10 years to perfect our birthday party technique. We promise painless planning and happy hosting!


Party go-ers will learn how to handle glass safely before moving into glass cutting techniques and using the grinder. Each student will receive a 4x4 inch clear tile that they will decorate to their satisfaction.

Students also have the option of creating a coaster or a necklace pendant. 

We can accommodate up to 18 guests (16 kids, 2 adults) at our studio for a party. 

Currently offered on Saturdays at 1:00 PM.


We encourage you to bring your own food, beverages, and paper goods.

All food will be stored on a separate table and served to guests to eliminate any communal spaces. Unfortunately, we do not have a fridge available at this time to keep items chilled.

We allot 30 minutes for food, which is normally broken into two 15 minute segments (pizza first, cake last), or enjoyed all at the end of the party. 

Parties are 2 hours long and the typical layout is as follows:

15 min, pizza is served while guests arrive.

30 min, glass safety and cutting

60 min, glass designing activity

15 min, desserts and celebrating.


  • $350 for up to 8 participants.

  • $45 for each additional participant.

Projects must fire in the kiln overnight.

Birthday Parties that include glass cutting are best suited for guests ages 10 and up.

Read below for birthday party options for younger kids.



*additional cost applies to base pricing

  • Nightlight - $5 EA

  • Plate - $10 EA ($30 value)



*additional cost applies to base pricing

Includes Pizza, Cupcakes, Plates/Cups, Decorations,

Set Up and disposal of the decorations, and goodie bags!

  • $300 for up to 8 participants.

  • $35 for each additional participant. 


Treats Please!

*additional cost applies to base pricing

Cupcakes (nut free - includes plates & candles)

  • $75 for up to 8 participants. 

  • $10 for each additional participant.


Pizza & Drinks

*additional cost applies to base pricing

(1 cheese, 1 pepperoni, water, lemonade, plates, cups, napkins)

  • $75 for up to 8 participants 

  • $20 per additional group (4 kids per group). 

All Inclusive Parties


Coming January 2023!


We're expanding!

We will be opening the Party Zone right across the hall!

That means more availabilities for parties, PLUS more party options AND parties for younger kids!


  • Party Duration 1.5 Hours long.

  • Multiple time slots available on the weekends.  

  • Accommodations for up to 22 guests (20 kids, 2 adults).

  • Refrigerator on site.

  • Ages 6 - 10

  • More TBA


  • TBA​


*You must select ONE party option for the entire group*

 Each participant will have creative freedom of their own design.

NEW Party Options include: 

Frit Glass Casting: Frit is the word used in the glass community to describe crushed glass. Yes, thats right, we smash it intentionally and keep every last scrap for new creations. The process of casting involves choosing a mold and your colors of frit, weighing the correct amount of frit to fill the mold and carefully filling the mold in a design that suits your liking. The molds then fire in the kiln overnight and will be ready for collection at later date.


Mosaics: The art of Mosaics can be traced back over 4,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia, and is described as a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass. The design is glued into place and once the glue has dried (24 hrs) the pieces is then grouted, or cemented over, this needs to dry for another 24 hours. Once the piece has cured, the design will be secure forever. Projects will be ready with-in 2 weeks.


No Cutting Fused Glass Sun-catchers: Remember how I mentioned we save every last bit of glass, down to the shard? Well, the pieces that are too big for frit get saved and sorted for more art! Students will use these random shapes to assemble a design that will then go into the kiln and be fired into beautiful fused glass sun-catchers that you will enjoy for a life time!


Sea Glass Art: It's pretty self explanatory, but have you done it? We all have a little (maybe not so little) pile of sea glass and beach rocks that we've collected over the years, and it just sits there! Do you even remember where you collected it from? Thankfully, its beautiful - so let's do something with it! Everyone will first use watercolor paint to set the scene of their design. Then we will work to transform sea glass into an amazing design!  Projects will be ready to take home that day.


Glass Painting: This is a fun technique, and you don't need to be 'good' at painting! We'll start with choosing a stencil. Then using special glass paint we will trace the design onto a piece of glass. Once the paint dries we will mix aloe and powdered frit (crushed glass),  creating a paste that we will use to color our designs. The pieces will need to be fired in the kiln to permanently set the designs. The pieces  can be used as sun-catchers or coasters and will be ready for pick up at a later date.

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