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Dichroic Glass

What Is Dichroic Glass?


The word "dichroic" comes from the greek word, "dichroma" meaning two or more colors. This presents when holding a piece of finished dichroic glass. If you tilt the piece a new flash of color presents itself!

Dichroic Glass is what originally inspired Jordan to begin working with glass in 2009. Since then, she has dedicated countless hours to researching dichroic glass, exploring new techniques, and developing her skill. She is the only instructor in the Boston area that can guide you through making art using this medium.

In her classes, Jordan will teach you all the tricks you need to know to create a beautiful set of dichroic glass jewelry. You’ll leave feeling confident with a piece that will have you bragging.



  • Cancellations made with 30 days or more in advance of the scheduled event date may receive a full-refund.

  • Cancellations made within 14 days of the scheduled event date are subject to credit only.  

  • Cancellations made with 7 days or less of the scheduled event date will NOT be subject to any credits or refunds. These days and times are reserved specifically for you.

  • No Shows will NOT be subject to any credits or refunds.



Our Dichroic Glass Classes are perfect for everyone form ages 10 and up!

Jordan has been eagerly working with dichroic glass for over 10 years, and she is the only instructor in Massachusetts that teaches dichroic glass with this level of intensity, ensuring you will create an amazing piece (or two!)

In addition to cutting, everyone will learn the basics of working with dichroic glass to create a beautiful piece of jewelry. 

  • Pick the piece you'd like to create! 

  • Options start at $25 for a set of earrings 

  • Great for beginners

  • Ages 10+

Many different techniques are offered, click the sign up button to see the different styles of pendants you can create. 

We also offer an option to upgrade your jewelry to sterling silver!

Decorative Pendant

The decorative technique involves starting with a black base that you cut/shape to your liking. Then you decorate the piece using glass remnants- you can make designs or go abstract. 

Sheet Pendant

The sheet pendant is starting with a piece of dichroic that you chose based on the color sample provided. You then shape that piece and

the joining base piece to fit.

Etched Pendant

Etching is starting with a sheet of dichroic, chosen from color sample, then using stickers to create a design and etching paste to remove the dichroic film, leaving only the design you created with the stickers in the dichroic. 

Stacked Pendant

Stacked is the process of first designing a shape out of base of glass, then decorating the base with dichroic glass. Then you will cover that layer of dichroic with a second layer of dichroic, and finally cap the entire pendant. The final result shows multiple layers of dichroic and shows great depth.

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