1/4 in Black Backed Foil

1/4 in Black Backed Foil

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Product Features:

  • Flexible copper foil created for the stained glass artisan
  • High tack and heat resistant adhesive back securely holds foil in place
  • Use with transparent glass when you will be using black patina
  • Use wider 1/4" size when foiling thicker and textured glass

    Top quality, Venture brand foil. 108 feet long. 1.2mil thick. 1/4" wide.

    Use black backed foil on clear and transparent glass, mirrors and bevels. Its black, non-reflective backing matches well with black patina. 1/4" tape is popular for stained glass and slightly thicker glass.

    Choosing the Correct Foil
    When using transparent glass and bevels, choose your foil based on the color of your solder seams.

    • Choose copper backed foil if using a copper patina
    • Choose black backed foil if you are using black patina
    • Choose silver backed foil if you are leaving your solder silver

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