Mothers Day Glass Fusing Event
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Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, and as a mother-daughter team, we believe that is simply not enough! Let us help you show her how much she means this year. Our special Mother’s Day Glass Fusing Class is guaranteed to impress!

Come spend Mother’s Day at The Glass Bar to bring out your creative side. Work on a project together that you will cherish forever. The project will have a little bit of your influence and a little bit of hers!

During this class, you and mom will work together to create a fused glass plate that you will cherish. First, you will learn glass safety, so you can feel calm and confident when working with glass. Next, we will cover glass cutting and shaping before moving into designing. Our instructors will aid you through bringing your ideas to life! Then, we will move on to the finishing touches, finalizing your design and prepping the piece for the kiln. You will not be present for the kiln firing process, as it takes 12+ hours, but you will gain knowledge of the process.

This class is your perfect opportunity to indulge in a rare art form for a fun day of creativity!

Two Time Slots Available: 10-12pm or 6-8pm.

Limited Space. $75 for TW0 people to work on ONE project together

No experience necessary.

Mothers Day


Join us for this special class honoring her.


​Every year we host this class, and every year its our favorite!


This class is a special opportunity to work together with Mom to create an amazing plate you will cherish for years.


Class will being with a lesson in glass safety, and move into a glass cutting techniques. We will discuss glass fusing design, including the use of color theory and properties of opacity verses translucency. You will be guided from start to finish through the creation of your fused glass masterpiece.


This class is an interesting challenge to bring creative minds together. Sharing tools and materials forces planning, collaboration, and cooperation. The end result is a piece of artwork that demonstrates inspiration from all the members of your family: a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


The plates are also food safe, so you can proudly serve off of them at your next holiday function. Although, the memories will far outlast the plate you.


Each ticket purchased includes 1 set of tools (rental), and materials to create a plate. You will have the option to purchase additional materials at check out.


No experience necessary.

Class Maximum 10 participants.

May 10th 1pm.

$50 per ticket, $25 per additional material set.

*Note* Additional material set does NOT include an additional set of tools, if you would like additional tools AND an additional material set, please purchase multiple tickets.