Love working with glass, but don't have the space to convert your basement into a full-blown studio? Join us for Studio Time!

For just $25 per session you'll gain access to our beautiful studio for 3 hours!  Stuck on ideas? Browse over 50 pattern books for inspiration! Our taurus 3 ring saw and grinders will help you with any design! Silly for stained glass? Enjoy our top of the line Hakko soldering irons! Fanatic for fusing? Rummage through our COE 96 glass collection and exclusive molds! Ready for the best part? We include TONS of glass remnants, both stained and fusible to keep the creating going all night! We'll be there to monitor you, but please have at least a class of experience before you sign up!

whats included

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Glass Remnants GALORE!

You'd be surprised by the projects you can create using only remnants!


Visiting? Feel free to use our Cutters, Grozers, and Breakers!

Soldering Irons, too!

Access to our grinders, ring saws and diamond grinders.

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 9.21.39 PM.png

Slumping, Draping, Casting Molds, prepped and ready to play!

Firing of materials purchased with-in the studio.



For customers who plan to continue join us and work on a series of projects during your stay here it is recommended to  buy materials as you use them.

For example,

A sheet of 12x12 clear glass is $15, which you can use to create many projects.  6x6 sheets of colored glass start at $5 per sheet, you can also buy 1/2 sheets for $10 and full sheets for $20. We also offer 2x2 squares of colored glass for .60 cents per piece. You are welcomed to our remnants.

PLUS - returning students get 15% off materials

Pay Per Project (ideal for a single visit)

Glass Fusing Project Rates

Suncatcher/Coaster - $15

Nightlight - $20

6x6 plate - $25

Wave Plate - $30

Picture Frame - $35

8x8 Plate - $45

Bowl - $50

10x10 Plate - $60

12x12 plate - $75


Brand new to glass work, and ready to take the plunge? Or you might have experience but you're interested in learning a new technique. Either way, Jordan and Tracey, the artists behind The Glass Bar, are the ones to help. They have spent countless hours studying glass techniques to deliver quality instruction.


You will have a consultation via phone or email with the instructor you chose to determine the desired techniques learned. During the lesson you will receive one on one training with the instructor. They will work to match your skill and experience level to ensure you create a project that you will love.


$65 an hour + $20 each additional person

2 Hour Minimum.

MATERIALS NOT INCLUDED, see chart above for details.

Request a Private Lesson

We are so excited to work with you, you will hear from us soon!