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Jordan opened The Glass Bar in April of 2013, one month before graduating Emmanuel College with a degree in Writing and Literature. She taught herself how to cut and design glass by watching her mother, Sheryl, work in their make-shift, in home studio.

What begin as a hobby while Jordan and Sheryl both underwent treatment for cancer, quickly grew into a burning passion.

Since 2009 Jordan has devoted her life to studying glass art; primarily glass fusing techniques, including dichroic glass.

Today you can find Jordan at The Glass Bar, encouraging people with no experience through the creation of a masterpiece. She absolutely loves sharing her knowledge and sparking a new passion in her students.


I've had a passion for design as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I was always redecorating my room and learning new hand craft skills.

Inspiration to learn the art/craft of stained glass came from my grandfather. His tools and the beautiful stained glass on his work bench mesmerized me. His “gifts of love” to family members made decades ago still stand as a wonderful legacy for him.

I continued training my eye for design through a bachelor's degree in Interior design.

And now that I have been studying stained glass and various techniques for over 25 years, I am eager to share my knowledge. I pride myself on adapting my teaching strategies to meet the diverse needs of my students to ensure their success. There is no greater joy than witnessing an apprehensive student take on the challenge, and ‘crush’ that finish line of success.

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