Mosaic Mirror Camp
mosaic mirror.png

The art of Mosaics has been amazing man-kind since the beginning of civilization. Often complex in design and in color, the art of mosaics brings a new consideration to decoration. It’s amazing to think the earliest appearance of Mosaic dates back to ancient Mesopotamia!

Mosaics are collections of small pieces of glass, stone, or other nature-based materials. These bits, known as tessera are then arranged into patterns, and grouted.

During this 4-day long workshop, our experienced instructors will guide your child through the exploration of Mosaics.

Each student will receive a 10x10 mirror, which they will have the ability to design and decorate to their liking. Whether the mirror will become a special gift (Mother's Day is right around the corner,) or the newest addition to their bedroom. Your child will eagerly plan, design, and create their mosaic masterpiece.

We encourage students to bring bits of their own history, like shells and rocks to class to incorporate into your piece. Students will arrange mementos and other glass tiles into a design that speaks to them and then learn all the steps to complete your mosaic masterpiece.

Students will learn advanced cutting techniques, including cutting straight and curved lines as well as circles. Learned mosaic techniques include designing, tile cutting and shaping, gluing, and grouting